Brain Backups, a developmental stage startup, is pursuing one of the biggest scientific and technological discoveries of our time: a map of every connection in the human brain. The connectome, sometimes called the genome of the brain, is the next frontier in neuroscience. With cutting edge micron scale contrast agents, Brain Backups is poised to revolutionize neuroimaging.

The scientists at Brain Backups are developing new neuronal imaging methods using synthetic biology, MRI, and smart contrast agents based on aptamer technology. These methods are nondestructive, noninvasive, and provide ultra high definition scans. This technology will launch neurological research and diagnostics into the future.
With myriad brain functions and dysfunctions better understood, scientists will be able to offer personalized connectome mapping and true personalized medicine.

Mission Statement

Brain backups develops non-destructive, non-invasive neurocontrast agents for connectome and disease state imaging.

The Team

Russell Hanson
Founder, CEO
Educated at M.I.T, Boston University, and Danish Technical University, Russell’s academic background spans physics, chemistry and physical chemistry, genetics and biology, and informatics. His multidisciplinary knowledge is the source of Brain Backups’ innovative approach.

Jason Fuller
Founder, CTO, Biosynthetic Engineer
Educated at Worcester Polytechnique Institue and Harvard University, Jason is Brain Backup’s lead Biosynthetic Engineer. Jason has had an accomplished career in Biotech, with over 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals related research, engineering, testing and validation that started with quality assurance. Jason consulted and built proof of concept urinary metabolite sensors for Adhere. Jason is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA).

Regina R. Monaco, Ph.D.Regina head for website
Chief Scientific Officer
Educated at the University of Texas at Austin, Regina is Brain Backups’ Lead Scientist, studying the basic properties of complex dynamic networks which allow storage of information, LTP, and the biochemical substrates of memory.  She has performed research at NASA Ames, Columbia University, and CUNY. Her academic background is in theoretical chemistry, mechanistic biopolymer interactions, and origin of life studies. She was also a Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute where she worked on network theory and biological information transmittal.

Mihai Dinulescu
Mihai is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for helping others. Educated in Social Sciences at Harvard University, Mihai’s broad skillset is invaluable to the communications and business side of Brain Backups. Mihai founded CEMI, a nonprofit dedicated to technological creativity, and Sonzia, a therapeutic software startup dedicated to disability treatment.