#mastermindfilm Directed and Produced by Francesco Paciocco

The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. Our understanding of its inner workings has been shrouded in mystery…until now. New technologies are beginning to unlock the brain’s true potential, but at what cost to our humanity?

This Guy Wants to Help You Download Your Brain

Vice Magazine February 4, 2014 : By Monica Heisey

Ever wanted to download a copy of your own brain? Say you went through a serious car crash, for example—wouldn’t it be nice to take out your damaged brain and replace it with a replica you’d downloaded and stashed away prior to the accident?

Human brains as software the next tech step

The Sydney Morning Herald May 1st, 2014 : By Andrew Masterson

Sometimes the tenets of technology and articles of faith are damned difficult to distinguish. Central to both – at least when gazing hopefully into the future – are the ideas of freedom from space and time. In the glory days to come, we will be everywhere at once, and we will be immortal.